100 Ways To Be Creative


Thought Catalog


Being creative is part of a lifestyle. If you’re having trouble with figuring out how to implement creative thinking in your daily life, it might help to do some isolated activities. Over time, you will begin to think in a more innovative fashion and be a well of ideas! Here is a list for you to use as a starting point.

  1. Complete an online tutorial you’ve bookmarked for later.
  2. Stick googly eyes on inanimate objects.
  3. Mix patterns that people say “clash.”
  4. Make a list longer than you think you can finish.
  5. Share your life and findings via snail mail and the internet.
  6. Decorate cupcakes in an awesome way.
  7. Try to have a $0 shopping trip due to coupons, sales, etc.

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  8. Collect something very specific.
  9. Wear a mask, crown (or other headwear) that you made all day.
  10. Clear off your entire workspace and reorganize (don’t put anything…

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