Ice Caves- A Polar Vortex Road Trip


Shalee Wanders.


While a majority of people in the northern United States are hunkered down in their cozy homes to escape the chilling winter, I decided to take a different approach. With over 90% of the Great Lakes frozen and the tales of awesome ice caves it was time to take advantage of the negative degree weather and show people that just because it is bitterly cold doesn’t mean you have to lay around and wait for spring. Who knows, at this rate it may never come.

The next thing you know, Kayla and I are shoving snowboards, snow pants, cameras and even bathing suits into the back of my car. We had no plans, but being the middle of winter in the dead north we knew we could easily find cheap places to sleep. We knew the ice caves were a must, but other than that it was fair game for…

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