The Issue of the “Female Traveler”


This is the Beginning

Everyone, I have a confession to make:

I am a woman, and I am a traveler. (There’s a lot more to me than these two things, but let’s just start here for now.)

Given those two pieces of information, you could begin to make any number of assumptions about me and my lifestyle. Some of them might be correct, and some might be miles off target. The most painfully obvious assumption of all is that I am a Female Traveler. It almost seems too silly even to mention. Of course I’m a Female Traveler. This is the category that all feminine backpackers, road-trippers, and vagabonders find themselves lumped into. There are endless guide books, nonfiction essay collections, memoirs and novels dedicated to and starring women who travel, either in groups or on their own. Within the Travel section of a bookstore, you’ll find a nice little niche devoted to Female…

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