The vitals for happy travels…




1. My pillow. The best $10 Ikea investment I have ever made.  Its a little piece of home that makes sleeping that much easier.

2. My trusty “well used” iPod.  This bad boy has been through breakups, baths (yes, its fallen in a few times), moving, college and work.  Its 4 years old, connects automatically to wifi in Vancouver International, Toronto Pearson, Chicago’s O’Hare and Edmonton International and has the oddest combination of opera, country, rock&roll, hip hop, blues and indie music that most people have no idea what’s going on after 10 minutes of listening.

3. Some good reads!  I find it impossible to just sit on the plane and listen to the mash ups I have accumulated on my iPod.  Something to read is definitely necessary.  The latest trip included “A House in the Sky” by Amanda Lindhout and “A Train in Winter” by Caroline Moorehead.  Both truly…

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