7 Reasons Why You Should Travel Alone At Least Once In Your Life


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1. You will meet amazing people.

While traveling with friends or a significant other can be a lot of fun, traveling solo for a certain amount of time can prove to be one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do because of the great people you’ll meet.

When we travel with friends or a partner, we tend to stick to that little group of familiar faces and even though you’ll meet new people, the dynamics and interactions won’t be as deep and fulfilling. While you’re on your own on the road, you’re much more eager to meet travel buddies, team up with other travelers and generally reach out more in order to socialize.

2. The overwhelming sense of absolute freedom.

When you travel on your own and you start meeting people and making awesome friends, you’ll probably team up with travel buddies and…

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9 Reasons To Travel The World Right Now


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Trekking RinjaniTrekking Rinjani

When I was twenty-five, I quit my job to travel the world because I met five travelers in Thailand who changed my views on how I wanted to live my life. I saw them living their dreams, exploring the world, and thought “Why not me?” After traveling to Costa Rica the year before, my waking thoughts were filled with the simple question “How can I travel more?” These travelers had figured out the answer that had alluded me and after meeting them, I realized I would do what they do. I quit my job, finished school, and left for one year. Over seven years later, I’ve never stopped or looked back on that decision.

And when people tell me they want to travel but will “sometime in the future,” this why I tell them they should travel now:

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You aren’t getting any younger.


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